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Blacklisted Online Casinos

Each member of my online casino blacklist should be avoided by wise gamblers at all costs. This list is based both on my own investigations and complaints of users who shared their unlucky experience with the following online casinos in Australia.

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Being forewarned means being forearmed against dishonorable casinos.

About me

This casino is undoubtedly a dangerous place to gamble. More and more users complain about problems with withdrawals. Maria Casino tricks its customers.
The bonuses are practically impossible to wager. In addition, users often complain about the depositing process in this casino. I would suggest you avoid playing there.
They do not let users cashout. Lots of players say that the casino simply blocks users’ accounts and ignores them.
Don't get involved with this casino. There are numerous complaints about payout issues. There are a few chances you get your winning after all.
Even if you earn something there, you are not likely to get your winnings. This casino is dishonest according to most reviews and my own experience. I definitely don’t recommend playing there.
Their bonus program is made just to make users deposit more and more money. Affiliate companies of Unibet are tricky as well. Most of the complaints are about troubles with payout. The casino often declines withdrawal requests, and their support does not provide any help in such situations.
The payouts are usually delayed there. This casino often cancels users’ winnings and blocks their account with no reason and explanation.
I added this casino to my blacklist because of their unprofessional attitude to the business and customers. Delayed payments and unhelpful customer support are just some of the complaints.
Hundreds of users sent me their complaints about this casino. Therefore, I put it in my blacklist and suggest you not play here.
This casino is using unethical business practices and do not display any professionalism when it comes to solving customer's issues.
This casinos' affiliate program is known for unethical business and payout issues. Not good for players or partners.
The users of my website sent me lots of messages where they complain about this casino. Since I respect everyone’s opinion, I cannot recommend you playing in OMNI.

Each member of my online casino blacklist should be avoided by wise gamblers at all costs. This list is based both on my own investigations and complaints of users who shared their unlucky experience with the following online casinos in Australia.

About My Blacklist of Online Casinos

The main purpose of my own project is to protect your online gambling experience from fraud and dishonesty of some casinos. There could be different reasons for a casino to get into this list, but all members of my blacklist deserve such a place.

If I find one or more of the mentioned above reasons to blacklist a casino, I will surely do so. Any online gambler should check my blacklist for a casino that he or she has chosen to spend some free time at.

I constantly receive complaints about different online casinos who violate one or more points of fair play with their customers. However, I must warn you that any complaints about the casinos which are already on the list will be ignored. You have already been warned about the dishonest representatives of the industry, so there could be no further action I can undertake.

I also need to emphasize the fact that there could be no blacklisted casino without reason, as well as it cannot be removed from the list without sufficient exculpatory evidence.

How Can a Casino Get into My Blacklist?

I have already mentioned the five main reasons why a casino can find itself in my blacklist. However, some nuances should be clarified about each of the mentioned reasons:

The Use of Pirate Software

Although online gambling is illegal in Australia, this is not an excuse to use pirated games. Online casinos who choose Australian gamblers as their target audience, should invest more time and effort in licensing their games from their initial developers or moving their websites to offshore platforms with no restrictions for their activity.

Anyway, there is no fun in playing pirate games on an online casino because you never know your winning chances and even whether they exist at all. Non-licensed software is usually used only for getting your money without providing you with any winning chances and fun.

There is a pretty quick and easy way to find out whether an online casino uses pirate or fake games within its web pages. You only need to check the source code of a page and look for the host domain of a game. Licensed games use the corresponding domains of their software developers.

The Absence of Payouts

The withdrawal of your winning must be quick and easy. This is the basic rule of any honest casino. Unfair casinos can invent thousands of excuses, just not to pay winnings to their customers. Obviously, it ruins all the fun and leaves no reason to proceed to play at such a casino.

There are two main dishonest strategies of casinos who want to fool their players. The first one refers to Terms and Conditions. A dishonest casino tries to write its rules as complicated and as ambiguously as it possibly can. A user will always be told that some point of T&C has been violated, and the winning is not available.

The second usual option of a dishonest casino is to overuse the identity check. A winner will be told to provide more and more documents, until the time, effort, and funds invested in the procedure will exceed the winning pool, and the user will leave without taking his or her money.

Insufficient Funds for Payments

It is incredibly easy to open up an online casino nowadays. It has become a reason for the great popularity of such businesses. Unfortunately, not each of the newly opened casinos has enough funds to pay for all the winnings of its players.

Although such casinos do not intend to fraud their gamblers, they still create a lot of problems and dissatisfaction. Therefore, you literally have no reason to spend your time and money at a casino that cannot pay out your winning in time.

The Disclosure of Users` Personal Data

Personal data has become a real issue in the new era of internet communication and business. That is why dishonest traders always hunt for personal data they can sell to spammers and other black-hat marketers.

If a casino sells the personal data of its users, it violates their privacy and needs to be immediately blacklisted. It is also true for casinos who buy the stolen personal data to advertise themselves. I believe that a good casino does not need such shady methods to attract new visitors. Therefore, both sellers and buyers of personal information should be banned.

The Support of Criminals

The stolen personal data can bring even more troubles. Your identity and financial information can be used for different fraud purposes, but most likely, you will just lose all of your money from your bank account.

Obviously, no one wants such things to happen. That is why I am constantly working on my blacklist to mark the online casinos who collaborate with criminals and use your personal data for their criminal purposes.

Remember to check my blacklist for online casinos in Australia each time you want to deposit real money for your gambling. It could appear that a previously trusted casino turns into a blacklisted one in a matter of a few hours.