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888tiger Casino


  • 3 Types: Download, Instant, Mobile
  • Licenсe: Curacao


MrFavorit Casino


  • 2 Types: Instant, Live
  • 2 Licenсes: Malta Gaming Authority ...


SpinUp Casino


  • 2 Types: Instant, Mobile
  • Licenсe: Curacao


Casiplay Casino


  • 3 Types: Instant, Live, Mobile
  • 2 Licenсes: Malta Gaming Authority ...


Are you looking for the new online casinos for 2019? Here you can find the best out of the newest casinos there are to find on the market! In 2018 over 120 new casinos were launched and we are expecting at least the same number in 2019 – if not even more than that. The competition is hard and the expectations are even higher.

Trends for 2019

Bigger selections of games

The market is getting tighter for every month that is passing, both in Australia and Europe. This makes the competition even harder. To keep their players, the casinos always have to offer more and newer games for the players to choose between. Preferably across the different game departments and through different game providers.

New and more strict licenses results in higher and more safe standards

Since online gambling has become more and more popular, more and more countries decides to make their own gambling license. The licensees impose strict requirements on the casinos, about privacy, clear information, secure payment and responsible gaming. This raises the level drastically in relation to safety. The more licensees the casino got, the safer it is to play on it. This is especially expected form the largest and the biggest prosecutors.

More gamification

An effective way for the casinos to get loyal and active users, is to put in gamification around the gaming (you can see more about this if you scroll down). Loyalty programs, stealing other players points and tax hunting is something we expect to see more and more in 2019.

Skill based gaming

Poker, betting and eSport is examples on games that requires skills to make money. We know that up to several game developers now is working on making slot machines and arcade games for different online casinos, that wants more elements of teamwork, skills and knowledge. 2019 will be an exciting year for the skill based gaming, we are looking forward to be a part of it!

Slot Stream Betting

The trend where casino players film and stream their own gaming have not just come to stay, it has also come to grow. On both Twitch and YouTube you can see how this form of entertainment is growing for every week, it is only a question about time before the casinos is starting to use the same idea. We think that 2019 is the year where Slot Stream Betting is gonna start-up in the sport books around the casino world.

More and more female players

Investigations from 2018 shows us a clear growing of the number of female casino players. This is a trend that we think will grow more this upcoming year (maybe we will see more ’’feminine casinos’’ as well?)

Growing scope of mobile users

There is little that shows that this trend is going to turn around. This also something that the game developers see, as all new games are now both compatible with small and large screens.

Exclusive interviews with new leading casinos in 2019

During the upcoming year we will fill this in with interviews from casino experts and new prosecutors on the market. Look forward to exclusive insight in the market, with exclusive inside information from big companies and their predictions about the future and exciting comments on what that requires to start a new casino in 2019, to mention some of them:

Keep yourself updated.

Prominent new casinos released in 2019

Every time we talk about a new casino, we give them a total score on a scale from 1-10, where 10 is the perfect online casino. The higher the number is, the better we think the casino is, and then the reason for you to check out the prosecutor will be bigger as well.

New casinos knows exactly what we will look for when we look for casinos to play on, and makes stringent demands on all new players (see section below on customer satisfaction, gamification, mobile casino and user friendliness, game choice and concept, respectively). Of course, some will do better in some areas than others (perhaps the game selection is extensive and good, but customer service could be better, for example). The total score will not tell you anything about this - but you will be able to see the details when you click on the review.

Another aspect to take in consideration when you look for the total score (and also a good reason to check out the review) from a casino, is the fact that not all casino players cares about the same elements. Some players care most about the welcoming bonus and loyalty programs, while others care more about the access to casino games and sports betting. These kind of things won’t come out in the total score, so if you have preferences like this, it makes one more reason for you to check out the review, alternatively you can go to the casino site to check out the prosecutor by yourself.

Australia is a booming market for new casinos in 2019

Australians like to play.

We bet on which team wins and which horse that comes in first, we invite the gang to a poker night, we put in the same lottery jack every week, we scratch out three equals, and we spin for ten equals. There is not much that indicates that this will slow down in 2019 – Not even close, we believe that even more people will use gaming as an entertainment in the future.

The insatiable game market has made it possible for several hundred new Australia online casinos to appear in recent years - and even more will it be in 2019. The Australia’s casino market is booming, to a delight for all those who love games!

The Benefits of Playing at New Casinos in 2019

The new casinos rarely have the same resources as a large established casino, but they are hungry and extra eager. They need you; you don't necessarily need them. This means that new casinos often extend longer, especially when it comes to bonuses. The older and established once often have boring bonuses. Everyone knows them, they know that they are good, why should they stretch longer? New casinos must prove what they are good for and break through the huge competition they face. This is simply great for a players.

It's also with new casinos, especially if they come from big manufacturers, that you often will find brilliant innovations.

What does new casinos 2019 put their focus on?

Customer satisfaction

A product or a service will never be better than what the customers think. So, it does not matter if the casino give them self good reviews, if the customers don’t agree! That’s the reason why this is the first thing we have a look at when we check a new casino; The customer satisfaction might even be one of the most important aspects to tell us if a casino is good or not. A good reputation is most of the times for good reasons.


With ‘’gamification’’ we mean the tools the casinos use to maximize the gaming experience for the users – not only when you are on the game, but also when you are looking around on the online casino.

Loyalty programs are an example of such a tool: By assigning points or "coins" to the game activity, users can unlock new levels and receive greater and greater benefits along the way. In some places you must complete assignments or defeat the "boss", elsewhere you can "steal" others' points while they are not online. This makes it possible to play even outside the casino games.

Often, such loyalty programs are closely linked to the casino's theme and design. Good gamification generally provides a holistic and accomplished online casino, while improving the gaming experience for the users. Therefore, this item has its rightful place on our checklist when testing out new casinos.

Mobile and usability

We know that more and more users choose their phone (or similar devices with small screens) when they play or surf online. Expectations of responsive, fast, intuitive and clear-cut websites are growing. And that is also how it is supposed to be, considering the technological world that we are living in. This is why we are pointing this out as a significantly element in our reviews.

Game selection

In general we think what the more there is to choose between the merrier. We want the options, and we want room to explore. Preferably between different game departments (casino, sports betting, live-games and so on) and happily categorized in a user-friendly way.

A complete online casino offers everything from slots machines and progressive jackpots, card and board games, bingo, lotto and scratch cards, to live – games, virtual sports, odds and poker. Now it is the very few online casinos that offer all of this, but it is clearly some prosecutors that have more to offer than others. That’s why the choice of games is one of the first things we look at when we check out a casino.


With such a competitive market as the casino market has become, also in Australia, it is increasingly needed for a new player to stand out. There are countless ways to distance yourself from the crowd. But concept and design are often the first thing that we notice, and therefore perhaps also the most prominent way of all of them.

At new casinos we know how to appreciate good ideas and implemented products, so if a new prosecutor delivers an exciting concept and a good design, we will also give them plus points!

Tips and tricks when becoming a member in new online casinos from 2019

Here are our top 3 best tips for you when you are joining a new online casino in 2019:

  1. Don't let yourself get dazzled by the welcome bonus: Always check the wagering requirements! 35x is perhaps the most common one, but you can find both lower and higher, so be aware of this detail when you decide to become a member!
  2. Test the website on a small screen before you sign up! Some online casinos turn out to be little user-friendly on a small screen, even though it looks awesome on your laptop at home.
  3. Compare a couple of three online casinos before you make up your mind. Two online casinos can get the same total score from us when we test, but they can be good in different ways. Example: Maybe one casino is better at sports betting, while the other one is better at bonus offers. It is not said that you will enjoy both equally well!

Bonuses in new online casinos from 2019

Since the casino market is so competitive, you can always expect the prosecutors to offer good bonus offers to their users. Some gives you loads with free spins, while others serve bonuses when you deposit on every deposit. Some offer big and long-lasting welcoming bonuses, while others focus more on campaigns and tournaments. So, it is always good to know what you are looking for!

We will always be clear on what bonuses the casino we write about, offers – and not to forget the wagering requirements. It should be easy for you to compare the different offers, so you can spend your time on something more exciting than looking for information. Like such as to play:

Is bonuses at the new casinos better than at the old once?

Yes and no: It's not given that the new online casinos offer better bonuses, because the older one have more experience with what the customers are looking for.

But it CAN be like this! Because new online casinos need to stick out and ‘’ steal ‘’ customers from the other casinos, and then a good bonus can be something to tease with – since a good bonus is an effective tool.

The most popular casino bonuses at New Casino

Once you register in a new casino, the welcome bonus comes. Therefore, we focus most on the various welcome bonuses that the casino offers. The deposit-free and the once without wagering are naturally the very best.

Then comes the rest of the bonus offers, campaigns and loyalty programs in the second row. Of course, the best bonuses will depend on who you ask, but generally most people appreciate a good mix of fixed bonus offers (typically reload bonuses, free spins on selected slot machines and cashbacks), and exclusive promotions (such as free games by a specific match, slots tournaments and Christmas calendars).

No matter what types of bonuses you like best, you will find everything you need to know about the casino bonus offers in our reviews.

Responsible gaming provides better gaming experiences

At new Casinos we urge everyone to play with discretion - Don't bet more than you can afford, and don't take chances that can go beyond those you love. The moment when something like this is starting to happen, stop and take a break.

All serious online casinos have taken a healthy look at responsible gaming and will help with facilitating where needed. They will also be able to guide a player in the direction of professional help if necessary. But it is up to the player himself to make sure that all the gaming is done in a proper way!

New Casino is an independent portal and information service outside the game operators' control. All links on our website that lead to anything other than game operators are for educational or informational purposes.

Is 2019 the year for new online casinos? – A summary

Despite a strict law, the Australia's casino market is blooming and growing every month, which is most likely to continue in 2019. Trends we believe we will see much of the coming year are:

  1. Increasing number of mobile users
  2. New and more strict licenses offer higher and safer standards
  3. More gamification
  4. Skill based gaming
  5. Slot Stream Betting
  6. More female players
  7. Increasing scope of mobile users

At New Casino, we work first to give you an overview and keep you updated when new, Australia's casinos are launched. We tell you what they offer of games and bonuses, what sets the casino apart from the crowd and so on. We do this so you don't have to spend time on research and so you will get more time to play.

Our best tips for you to join a new casino in 2019 are:

  • Don't be dazzled by the welcome bonus, check out the deposit requirements as well.
  • Test the website on both small and large screen before signing up.
  • Compare a couple of three online casinos before you decide.
  • Remember that responsible gaming provides a better gaming experience!

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